Business and money

PYP 2 classes are actively engaged in planning and setting up their own business ventures. As students inquire into the central idea, Businesses
supply goods or services to meet consumer demands
, they are learning what to think about when creating a business. They are looking at the key concepts of function, connection and causation and related concepts of communication, systems, impact (of advertising and marketing), supply and demand.  They are inquiring into

  • The way we use money
  • The different roles and responsibilities in a business
  • The impact of advertising on consumers
  • Differences between goods and services
  • The language of shopping

Below they tell you what some of the groups are doing. They are very enthusiastic and full of energy.

In 2M groups are making their own businesses. There are four groups.  Our group’s name is Hair Dare Incredible. We are going to make hair styles for kids.  Merit and Liyah

We are the origami group. We are going to make bookmarks, paper Ninja stars, paper boats, paper weapons, paper airplanes, paper rockets and fortune tellers for kids in other groups and other classes. Quentin, Mattias, Flynn and Mikael

In 2B we are also making businesses and our group is called the Cozy Café because we made our café the most  cozy business of all. We are going to make really fresh food especially for kids and we made a lot of posters so people know about it. We will do it on June the 15th. Happy shopping. Chikki, Isobel, Marios

These are stories from just a few of the business groups that are developing business plans, advertisements and marketable products for the class markets that will take place in June.  Look for more 2nd grade business news soon.

More poems and writing

Students enjoyed sharing their poems and art with parents at the recent open house. The sculptures they made on the trip to Louisiana were stunning and some children wrote poems or riddles about them.

With this week’s entries from 2G, the focus on poetry will end. Hopefully, the children’s love of poetry and poetry writing will continue forever. My biggest learning as a teacher has been that children deserve poetry every day, and not just during one unit.  Beginning next week we’ll be thinking about questions, wonderings and ideas we have relating to the new unit on money.

At this time of the year it is a delight to see the progress students have made in using the writing process to express their thoughts and feelings. Enjoy.

ABC Poem                       by  Maya

Ants eat an apple.

Bursting Balloons.

Cats on the mat.

Dogs on the dot.

Eat the earth.

Fish are foolish.

Great games.

Hungry horse.

Invisible ink.

Jump the junk.

Knights on knees.

Lions roaring.

Magic monkey.

Nice people.

Our school.

Puppy on the photo.

Queen with a quilt.

Rabbit hopping.

Story time.

Teeth are shiny.

Unicorn with an umbrella.

Vacuum a Viking.

Wake up you.

X-ray you.

Yellow sun.

Zebras have zig zags.


The following four poems describe pictures or shapes.

LEGOS                    by Rowan

Legos are everywhere

BIG and small

Every color on the wall

In my toes

Up my nose

They fight my foes

And I really suppose

I don’t know

How they got there!

REHS 2012


WHALES       by Anika

In the North Atlantic Ocean

There were lovely seals and eels.

But the most important thing was

There were whales with some tails.


APPLE           by Evelyn

Munch munch munch

Crunch crunch crunch

You hear the apple

Say hello hello hello

I am being crunched

and munched.


TIGERS    by Gregorio

There’s a tiger in the forest

As free as can be.

With her little three cubs

that always want hugs.

When a cub sees a bird

it always call the herd.


Anson thinks about a lot of things. Here are ideas for novel way to deal with water pollution.

My Invention          by Anson

The invention that I have thought of makes clean water without cleaning water. It makes water using hydrogen and oxygen. Water can be called H2O. The H2 means there are two hydrogen atoms. The O means there is one oxygen atom. So two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom make a molecule of water. Hydrogen and oxygen are gases if not bonded together. So hydrogen and oxygen are in the air and we breathe them. My invention takes hydrogen and oxygen out of the air. The three atoms are compressed together in an air-tight vacuum chamber to form a water  molecule. Of course to replace all polluted water people would have to mass produce water molecules.


In case you are checking the blog for the first time and have a student in 2G, 2M or 2B, have a  look  at previous posts where your own child’s work may be posted. Not all children have wanted to be published, but they are welcome to at any time. Also check the links on the various posts for some fun things to view and  try. And do feel free to send us a comment. pj