How amazing it is to be at the end of another school year. The time has gone so quickly. The second graders have grown and matured in so many ways. This blog entry will share with you, as parents, things to keep in mind and things to do over the summer. It will also include some links that I think are fun. Your children are becoming readers and in order to continue to grow as readers, reading over the summer is essential. Much has been written in North America about “summer slide.” It means that student reading levels actually go down if they do not read during the summer. You can read how to  Prevent Summer Slide in this article. It’s from Scholastic and has lots of ideas on student learning for parents. Here are some other links on summer reading: Summer Reading Fun from Colorin Colorado, RIF games and stories and Summer Learning. For more tips for parents and kids see the section on summer learning at Reading Rockets, check out the activities at Read, Write, Think and try KS 1 or KS2 at Crickweb Literacy.

For science fun remember National Geographic Kids and Discovery Kids and also have a look at Summer Science Fun and Science Kids NZ.

Here are some things to check out just for the fun of it. The first is a video of a bicycle-riding robot at Robot on Bike. On the same page you can find more robot links. The next is the website of a 9-year old boy who made his own arcade called Caine’s Arcade. There is video to describe his project.

I hope you read the newsletter to see the offer I made to students about emailing during the summer. If not, go back and check. They are also welcome to send, with parent help, messages or pieces or pieces of writing to the blog by posting a comment.

Have a wonderful summer. Check back now and then as I will be adding updates about every two weeks. I hope to hear from you.

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